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The TPC70 is a remote display and operator panel for the DDC4000 controller family. It has a 7″ / 17.8 cm colour TFT touchscreen. The TPC70 can operate DDC4020e, DDC4040e, DDC4002e, DDC4200e automation stations. The TPC70 is equipped with an integrated Ethernet interface for communication with the DDC Controllers on the same LAN.

The TPC70 is suitable for installation in the door panel of a control cabinet.


  • Weight 1.1 kg
    Dimensions 300 x 100 x 280 cm
    Power Supply 12..24vDC (7W)
    IP Rating IP65
    Dinensions (W) 202mm (H) 149mm
    Cut Out (W) 192mm (H) 138mm


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