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The SYX 661-AQ2000 is the replacement controller to use when updating older but simple boiler rooms that have obsolete AQ2000 controls. The SYX661 uses standard NTC10 Sensors so it can be used to save on expensive to service systems without the need to replace the sensors.


The controller is designed to suit the control needs of today’s smaller commercial and larger domestic boiler heated properties. It will control one, two or multiple boilers (via 0-10v signal), with requirements for optimum start and with direct boiler or boiler and valve compensation. The circuits are easily configured for constant temperature if required.


A separate time and output channel is provided for the control of hot water. The HWS control routines can be used independently or combined with the boilers.


Easy installation and operation are key features of the SYX 66 Family. The controller has a base application that can be adjusted during the commissioning phase with simple parameter options. The use of experienced default settings means that the system is ready to control with minimal adjustments. Additional self-adapting features adjust the control settings to the building. An override menu allows you to override the unit mode without the need to change any settings. If adjustments or time setting of the unit is required, adjustments can be made using the controller display, an optional remote colour touchscreen, or via the in-built web browser that is compatible with any Laptop or Smart Device.


The info button provides direct access to visual indication of all input and output status. The simple user screen is text based and is backlit for easy use in poor plant room lighting.


The internal web browser allows local site and remote site monitoring/supervision. Users can interrogate relevant parameters with 3 distinct user levels changed by entering the correct code: Information Level (default), Change Level, Set-up level.


Further, using the well-established BACnet protocol, this product can be integrated into an existing supervisory system where such a solution is already installed.


Historical records of temperature are taken at regular intervals and sensor are monitored for their operational condition. Performance can be assessed and savings increased through better information and analysis.


  • Weight 0.42 kg
    Dimensions 15 x 9.5 x 6.5 cm


  • Application Guide: PDF

    Wiring Guide: PDF

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