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Advanced Linear actuator type MC100/24 (HW-204824) are controlled by three-point control or 0-10v control. These actuators are typically used on RB and RK valve types to offer precise high dependency control. They offer 1000N thrust and directly mount to the valve body with linkage parts included. The linear actuators control a stepper motor by means of a micro controller. The stepper motor’s rotational movement is converted into a linear movement via planetary gears and a threaded spindle with spindle nut. The linear actuator can be operated manually or automatically.

   • In manual mode stroke is adjusted via the hand wheel.
   • In automatic mode stroke is controlled electrically.


Continuous mode
In continuous mode the system control provides the target position of the linear actuator whilst inside the linear actuator circuitry the input signal (Y) of the system control is continuously compared with the output signal (X) of the linear actuator. In doing so the output signal depends on the position of the linear actuator (travel). The linear actuator keeps moving until the input signal and the output signal match.

The input signal (Y) of the system control specifies the desired position for the linear actuator. It is applied in the form of an analogue signal to terminal Y.


Possible input signals:
   • 0 … 10 V DC / 2 … 10 V DC
   • 0 … 20 mA / 4 … 20 mA


Three Point Mode
The direction of rotation is set via the control voltage at terminal 2 and terminal 3 on the main PCB:
• When the control voltage is applied to terminal 2, the spindle nut will be extended.
• When the control voltage is applied to terminal 3, the spindle nut will be retracted.


Additional Application Modes to increase life, protect plant, and improve application performance:

Frost Mode by Digital Input, Blockage detection, Broken Wire Detection, Manual Override Monitoring, Auto Test, Auto Pause to prevent excessive cycling.


MD200Y-E - HW-204824

  • Weight 2.5 kg
    Dimensions 10 × 10 × 30 cm
    Power Supply
    24v AC/DC 6VA
    Stroke Max. 20mm (Self Adjusting)
    Force 1000N
    Auxiliary Switches Yes


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