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Leakage detector | Sensor rod | , | LoRaWAN® (868 MHz), Switch contact | IP65 according to EN 60529

LS02+ flex LRW L5000

SKU: 798150
  • Interface LoRaWAN® (868 MHz)
    Operating range temperature (°C) 0..+50
    Accuracy temperature ±0,5 K (typ. at 21 °C)
    Connection removable cable entry M25 with fourfold cable entry for wire with max. Ø=7 mm, removable plug-in terminal, max. 2,5 mm²
    Installation length (mm) 5000
    Protection (IP) IP65, according to EN 60529
    Material in touch with media Sensor rod, PVC sheathed with PBT braiding


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