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The pump changeover module is used to enable and control Twin pump sets from a controller with only a single switched enable output. It can be used by a simple time switch, simple controls to expand capability, or used with more advanced BMS systems to save on the point count and software requirements.


The module has a single enable input to enable the pump sets. Depending on the options configured using the DIL switchThe module automatically rotates the duty pump when the enable input is activated. The module has DPS flow switch input with adjustable delay timer and pump trip inputs for both pumps. In case of the flow failure or trip signal the pump set is automatically rotated. 24vac power supply required. 2 off 250Vac 10A rated pump outputs.


Note 1: If not using the Normally closed pump fault input connections DI1 & DI2 then these need to be linked out for the module to function correctly.


Note 2: All switched input signals are to be connected as volt free. Damage to the unit may occur if voltages are applied. Incorrect connection will void warranty.


  • Weight 0.2 kg
    Dimensions 8 x 8 x 5 cm


  • Data Sheet: PDF

    Install Sheet: PDF


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