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The IO-MOD-6 DIX-C Module is intended for use with Direct Digital Controllers to expand their Digital Input capacity by multiplexing 6 Digital Inputs into 1 Analogue Signal.
The IO-MOD-6 DIX-C Module is constructed on a Epoxy Glass Laminate and housed in an industry standard 80mm DIN Rail Mounting. Generous 2.5mm² terminals are provided for the field interconnections.


6 x potentially volt free digital inputs providing 0-10 volt output. Compatible, for example, with Trend A to D Function Module and DDC4000 templates from Logicboks. Inputs isolated via on-board 24Vdc relay contacts. LED status indication. 24Vac/dc power supply. IP rating 00.


Stable voltage switching at sharp voltage levels improves plant performance and BMS reliability. If using DIX modules to save on IO, it is best always to use DIX modules you can trust.


  • Weight 0.2 kg
    Dimensions 9 x 8 x 4 cm


  • Data Sheet: PDF

    Install Sheet: PDF

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