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Differential pressure transducer air or other non-flammable/non-aggressive gases, max. 40 kPa
differential pressure, volume flow, pressure in Pa or inchWC, volume flow in m³/h or cfm, optionally configurable via app or uConfig
0..+250 Pa (default setting), 0..+25 | 0..+50 | 0..+100 | 0..+250 | -25..+25 | -50..+50 | -100..+100 | -150..+150 Pa, selectable at the device
RS485 BACnet, 0..5 V, 0..10 V | IP65 according to EN 60529

DPA250+ RS485 BACnet (MS/TP) AZ MultiRange

SKU: 705387
  • Interface RS485 BACnet, 0..5 V, 0..10 V
    Operating range Temp (°C)                                                                                                                                                                                                  -10..+50
    Protection (IP) IP65, according to EN 60529
    Connection removable cable entry M25 with fourfold cable entry for wire with max. Ø=7 mm, removable plug-in terminal, max. 2,5 mm², BUS max. 1,5 mm², pressure connection male Ø=5,0 mm / Ø=6,3 mm, connection tube: PVC, soft
    Mounting surface-mounted flat on base using screws, prepared for mounting on DIN rail TS35 (35x7,5 mm) according to EN 60715
    Delivery content incl. mounting base enclosure USE-L pure white, incl. mounting set (screws and accessories), incl. pressure connection set and 2 m PVC connection hose
    Device length (mm) 110
    Device width (mm) 105
    Device height (mm) 48


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