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The DDC420 is a compact controller for small projects such as schools and small commercial buildings.


It provides compensation and optimisation of up to three heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. The DDC420 has a fieldbus connection for the connection of additional input and output modules. It is a BACnet Client/Server, MSTP Router. The DDC420 has a built in LCD interface and user buttons to operate the controller.


The DDC420 can be facia mounted or mounted in the rear of the Panel with a remote colour Touchscreen like the TPC35 or TPC56. With its on-board Ethernet interface, the DDC420 provides an integrated Web server to facilitate engineering and customer visualisation. Remote control and data saving is provided without any need for additional software. Fast, simple configuration, management and commissioning using the PS4000 project planning tool.


Installed by trained partners only. Contact us for details on training on how to engineer the controllers from Kieback & Peter.


  • Weight 0.42kg
    Dimensions 15(h) x 1.5(w) x 6.5cm(d)  
    BACnet Clients 7
    BACnet Client Objects 56


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