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The input module with 12 binary inputs receives binary signals in the DDC4000 automation system. LED displays for the operating states of the inputs. Communication is controlled via LED.

Label carrier for system-specific description. The power supply and the CAN bus are electrically isolated. Data is transferred between the automation station and the input module via the chosen DDC4000e bus. The input module can be connected to an existing switch cabinet bus or field bus.


Labels for the IO applications can be created in the PS4000 engineering tool.


  • Weight 0.14 kg
    Dimensions 7.2 × 9 × 6 cm
    Power Supply 12..24vDC (2.5W)
    IP Rating IP20
    DImensions (W) 72mm (H) 90mm (D) 67mm
    Cut Out (W) 72mm (H) 45mm


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